We are now offering members the chance to automatically renew your membership each year.  To sign up simply select Sharks Easy Pay as your payment option when renewing or purchasing your membership.


  1. The East Fremantle Football Club will deduct from the member’s nominated Visa or Mastercard account one single payment of the full amount of the member’s membership cost for the next following season.
  2. Members using Shark Easy payment will have their Visa or Mastercard account debited in November each year for the following season’s cost, unless the member opts out of the payment method.
  3. Members can opt out of the Sharks Easy pay at any time providing notice in writing at least 7 days prior to the scheduled deduction (including email) to the East Fremantle Football Club, but must finalise any outstanding payments prior to doing so.
  4. Members will be provided a minimum of 14 day’s notice in writing (by email) of the payment amount that will be deducted from their credit card for the following season’s membership, and any changes to Sharks Easy pay terms and conditions.
  5. By selecting Sharks Easy pay, the member authorises the East Fremantle Football Club to debit the nominated credit card in the amount advised.
  6. All memberships will not be issued until payment has been received in full.
  7. If any payment fails to complete, or the card is declined or rejected for any reason, further attempts will be made during the following ten working days to contact the member and / or otherwise attempt to successfully finalise payment.
  8. The East Fremantle Football Club does not accept Amex or Diners cards.
  9. Sharks Easy pay deductions will be processed in November for the 2020 Season.