Dear Members

 On behalf of the EFFC Board of Directors, I am pleased to inform you of the following information in preparation for the 2020 season.

 The WAFL landscape has changed significantly over the last five years, with the introduction of Women’s Football and our talent programs now funded and administered by the WAFC. 

The Club is also significantly involved in the Redevelopment of the Masterplan of the East Fremantle Oval Precinct with EFFC representatives regularly communicating with the Town of East Fremantle and other community partners. This project is starting to gain momentum and hopefully within six months we will have a detailed business plan for the Redevelopment of the East Fremantle Oval precinct.

 The EFFC Directors, administration team and key volunteer stakeholders were involved and participated in a planning day in October to re-align our values and vision to position the Club as a leading WAFL Community Club for the future. These outcomes will be presented to members and supporters very soon.

 Our Senior Men’s Football Department has been working very hard behind the scenes to secure some new recruits to build on the Senior Clubs improvement from 2019. The emphasis is to recruit strategically with a clear aim to improve our playing group and to compliment the players that we already have. Any new signings will be communicated to members as soon as they are formally secured by EFFC.

 From the start of next season, we are planning to bring our three grades of Women’s football under the auspice and responsibility of the EFFC. Our current President of the EFFCW (Darren O’Donnell) would be seconded onto the EFFC Board to become the Director of Women’s Football. 

Our Women’s Senior Team have now won back to back Premierships and are striving for a 'three peat' in 2020.

 And finally, the Club has produced an EFFC Physical Environment Projects Plan, which is a nine page document on upgrading our facilities. The document is a 'works in progress' document, with 12 items selected for upgrade over the next five months in preparation for the start of the new season. The Town of East Fremantle is working with the Club and sponsors to help complete these important and meaningful tasks. We hope you notice the difference when attending home games in 2020.

 I urge all members to again get on board and renew your valued membership to the Sharks in 2020 as we look to re-position our Club and community to once again be the leader of Men’s, Women’s, and community football within our competitions.

EFFC are trying their best to go paperless for our 2020 membership renewals and are encouraging as many members as possible to renew online. Memberships will be available for renewal from November 4th, but we will send out a reminder email to let you know when they are up and running.

Please help us in our attempt to make a difference to the environment. 

For those members who don’t have email access, membership renewals will be posted out.

 Unite for the Blue and White!

Todd Shimmon

Chief Executive Officer


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